Always fresh, picked just for you.

“I mean what can I say, we have been in suits all our lives!” .

This is the spirited response one of our cofounders gave when asked “What is Cop A C.A.B.’s competitive advantage?” It brought about a great laugh, but he was on to something. From the very beginning Cop A C.A.B. has sought to be a company that is founded on more than just providing ties and socks in a subscription box. We are based on great core values such as: passionate leadership to inspire and empower people, serving others through selfless outreach, and providing loving care for family.

Cop A C.A.B. was founded by three friends, or should we say brothers, who have grown up from a young age while attending either the same church or school. Ever since they were young, they were groomed to have a passion for fashion. Whether it was the classic gentleman look of James Bond or Frank Sinatra, or the avant-garde styles of popular artists or your favorite athlete, they melted it all down and made it their own. They took all the fashion out there and made it their own individual style!

These brothers have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when it came time for them to create a business, they knew what to do. They wanted to marry their love of looking dapper with accessories, the innovative resources of technology, and the ambition to create a lifestyle brand for the modern day gentleman. This company would support men in putting their best foot forward, while making an impact in their jobs, families, and community. Whether the man was a recent graduate or a corporate lifer, Cop A C.A.B. would seek to provide the best accessories to elevate their style. They believe when you look good, you can do good!

Each visionary cofounder of this company, will always have the clients’ dress and impact in mind. From ordering inventory to preparing each box, they want to make sure it can help the client be a fashionable and inspiring gentleman. Because for them, it will always come back to the experience of being in suits all their lives.